I was really lucky to be able to do a Fiddle solo at the end of The Stannary Open Mic. The only problem – my mind had gone blank and I couldn’t think of what to play! Basically I had to improvise the whole thing and hope for the best. Thanks to the audience everything seemed to work out and I certainly had a brilliant time.

I was asked to play with the brilliant Propeller band for a St Patrick’s Day gig. Loved every moment, even if I do look like a green monster in the video.

This is a set I did at the Lunchtime Concert in AMATA, Falmouth University. The pieces are both written by me and they are called Rocks and Stones and Penguin Dance. Many thanks to Chris Baker (Lunacci) for filming, editing and producing the video. You can check him out here –

Had an amazing time performing at the Falmouth University Stannary Open Mic again with Nathan Cole (Banjo Nat) and Mollie Harman on the 8th May 2017. They are both truly amazing musicians and it was a pleasure playing with them again. Nathan and I did an improvisation at the start and the other two songs we performed were Bullets by Passenger and Dancing on My Own by Robyn and Callum Scott.

This is my first improvisation session on YouTube – improvisation is something that I’ve done pretty much throughout the whole of my fiddle playing life, using it while playing live in bands to create harmonies and new melodies. Improv sessions are also really useful for creating new pieces of music, where you can just play whatever you feel like playing and use the bits you like (similar to automatic writing).

Nathan Cole and me playing at Falmouth University Stannary’s Open Mic Night. We played Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, The Cave by Mumford and Sons and 500 Miles by The Proclaimers.

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Playing my Octave Viola on a track for Pearl Love called Shuddering Trains for her album.

Playing an open mic at the Stannary at Falmouth University.