Fern Sessions

I’m a founder member and President of the University Society at Falmouth University called Fern Sessions.

Fern Sessions is a student-led society that is set up to help promote music from Falmouth and Exeter University students. To achieve this we run live music sessions every month with a live audience and record and upload videos online of each act every week. We also conduct regular interviews with musicians to discover their stories and lives in music.
We are constantly looking to create new opportunities for our fellow students and would like to create links with local and national groups such as local radio and BBC Introducing. We also plan to host an annual showcase event with all the featured musicians from the year.
We’ve gathered a brilliant multi-course team together for Fern Sessions, consisting of other students who take on roles including filming, editing, photography, lighting, sound and presenting. My role in Fern has been very varied and I’ve loved the challenge of never knowing what you might need to work on next. I have also loved the chance to hear and see some of Falmouth’s brilliant musical talent.
Fern Sessions Team Photo from March 2019

Links for Fern Sessions

To learn about Fern Sessions you can visit their website – www.fernsessions.co.uk
To connect with Fern Sessions on Facebook click here
Or to visit their You Tube Account click here
The University interviewed me for an article about Fern Sessions for the Unviversity website, you can read the article below. Or to read the full article click here

Falmouth Stories

Students Set Up Music Society

Students from AMATA have set up a music society called Fern Sessions, showcasing student artists and organising monthly performances in front of a live audience.

Fern Sessions have established links locally and nationally in order to create the best opportunities for their musicians, with live sessions recorded at BBC Introducing, Radio St Austell Bay and Source FM. Their artists have also performed at various local venues and festivals and some have been booked for UK tours.

Matt Woolley, Fern Sessions President and Music BA(Hons) student, said: “We set up Fern Sessions because we wanted somewhere for musicians of all styles and genres to be able to showcase their talent, not only to a live audience but to the wider world via our website, YouTube and social media.

“One of our bands from our May launch session, Horses on The Beach, have performed at several festivals over the summer including Parklife, Wonder Fields and Kindred Spirits. Another band, Bonetired, have also had a very successful summer which included a UK tour and a three-day session at Cube Recording Studios; renowned for working with the likes of the Sugababes and Ronan Keating.”

One of the major aims of Fern Sessions is to build strong links with local music promoters, in order to cement the key skill of networking into their artists’ repertoire. Matt explained: “Although many musicians have experience in advertising and promoting their music, networking is a very different skill and one that is not easy to master. This is especially true if you are trying to get your music heard by big corporations.

“Our goal with Fern Sessions is to create a friendly and helpful platform for student musicians to get noticed by these corporations and give our fellow composers a helping hand. These sessions would not be possible without the guidance given by the AMATA staff and technicians, the amazing students who have volunteered and the fantastic equipment available to us at Falmouth.”

In terms of further endeavours, the society have a lot of exciting ideas and opportunities for their members. This includes collaboration possibilities with other societies, a Fern Sessions digital album by the end of the academic year and future sessions in November, February and March.

Discover more about the artists and the events on the Ferns Sessions website.