“Echoes of” Projects

 Conwy “Echoes of” Project

In October 2018 I collaborated with renowned light projection artist Andy McKeown (Wild Strawberry) and created a piece of music for his installation “Splinters of Heaven” in St Mary’s Church at the Conwy Feast in Wales.

This piece was part of my project called “Echoes Of”, which is a 30 minute ambient piece of music that is layered with a soundscape that incorporates sounds from the location of where it is being played. For Echoes Of Conwy, I recorded sounds from around the town, sea, the crowd and the local tour boat announcements.

I had a huge amount of fun doing this project and being a part of Andy’s installation and I really hope to have the chance to do other projects like this in the future. I am very grateful to Andy McKeown for letting me have this video of his installation Splinters of Heaven, which was accompanied by my piece Echoes Of Conwy. Recorded in October 2018 Music Copyright – Matthew Woolley 2018 Video Copyright – Andy McKeown 2018 Links: Quantum Penguin – http://www.quantumpenguin.co.uk/ Andy McKeown (Wild Strawberry) – https://wildstrawberry.com/

Shrewsbury “Echoes of” Project

Echoes of Shrewsbury was a 30 minute ambient music piece I created for Andy McKeown‘s light projection art installation Splinters of Heaven, hosted at St Mary’s Church in Shrewsbury. The piece featured a new soundscape piece of Shrewsbury, with recordings of sounds from the town including Shropshire Youth Theatre, Wilfred Owen poems, The Weir and The Cry for Peace read by Martin Wood. The piece was played twice in St Mary’s Church on Wednesday the 19th of December.