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1 month ago

Quantum Penguin


I haven’t posted for a while on my social media accounts recently, I recently graduated from a BA Music degree at Falmouth University and have been composing quite a bit and trying new things. I’ve got structures for several different types of pieces – from songs to instrumentals, Folk to Electronic Dance Music, Pop to Film music, I seem to have expanded my love of mixing different genres even more and I still don’t feel there is anything “bad” about it. I know there is a feeling that you should “stick to what you are good at” and not venture into other areas but can’t help but feel that this “mantra” will never work for me. I want to keep exploring and trying new things, not be tied down to one style. If I had just stayed in my initial style of Folk Fiddle, Nohambo Iphengwini would never have been created and indeed most of my Rockhopper album wouldn’t have either. Experimenting with music is just how I’ve been taught, with my Fiddle teacher who introduced me to Folk from many different places including Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, American and Cajun. He also encouraged me to improvise harmonies and accompaniments while we were performing at venues and events, which has given me probably my biggest musical skill of live improvisation. In addition, my family has always told me to try different things, to go for something and not be worried about failure. I have tried to live by this and with my music especially – not every composition will hit the mark but experimenting and combining different styles and genres is how I make my music. If it is yours too, then embrace it and incorporate it into your music.

I will be finishing the rest of my track posts from Rockhopper in the next few days, so stay tuned for that. I will also post a recording from BBC Shropshire Introducing from several weeks ago, when they played my track Journeying, which was really amazing to have played on there!

I’m gradually getting nearer to having physical copies of Rockhopper produced and will post once I have an update on them.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summer!


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3 months ago

Quantum Penguin

Rockhopper has reached over 200 Spotify streams! Thank you to everyone who has listened to it, let's make it 300! #rockhopperalbum #newmusicrelease #spotifymusic #spotifystreams #shrewsbury #falmouth #shropshire #folkmusic #contemporaryfolkmusic ...

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